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Things are... changing... not related to the mod! No! Okay they are...

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Hello everyone! Exciting changes are slowly being added! Although we are keeping a 'when it is done' mentality to the update we have decided on things that will be changed, at the bottom of the page is a list of things that we are confirming are being added. We also would like to tell you our plans for the mods development, currently we are in pre-alpha which means we are only replacing factions and adding features. When that is done alpha will be replacing the original map and then beta will be adding in our own story.

This is going to be a very, very large mod. We are going to completely replace the capital wasteland, this is not your same old new armor and weapons mod. There will be an all new quest line, all new quests and almost everything else will be replaced. Although many mods this ambitious fail we are trying our best to bring you this, it has been broken up into these cycles, pre-alpha, alpha and beta so in case the mod falls apart you still have tons of features instead of us having most of it stored away to never be shown.

I would also like to release some things about our current city. The story will take place on the planet of Skopje, a metropolitan planet covered in cities. It is very large and has its own group of rebels and a local militia, along with a presence of ONI and a marine garrison.

The war is 27 years in, and five years until the Fall of Reach, discovery of the Halo ring, invasion of earth, and end of the war. You play as Corporal O'Brians, one of the marines in a wave of reinforcements to the planet after the Covenant discovered it. For unknown reasons the Covenant have not yet glassed it, but due to their air superiority, the space battle is slowly falling apart for the UNSC and the population of the planet has been decimated, some still fight, hoping to keep their home safe and due to the bravery of some men and women, dead men and women, the UNSC prevented the Covenant from completely conquering the ground.

But at great cost.


Most ODST's have been replaced with UNSC marines.
Raiders and Talon Company have been replaced with civilians.
Number of Spartans lowered.
Remaining BOS replaced.
Covenant have been rigged and may be added.
Rebels now do less damage and have less health.
ODST's now use the appropriate guns.
Rivet City is now under control of the militia.
Big town is now defended by a few stranded marines and a few civilians.
ODST's in the buy menu replaced with marines, Spartans in the buy menu replaced with ODST's.
ODST and elite tissue should be fixed.

Image stolen borrowed from Operation Chastity© website.


This sound so amazing I probably jizzed 1000 times and my ***** is falling of because of dehydration!

The point is, great mod!! please finish it as well, do not fail like every one else. I have a feeling this is going to be huge!!

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AFellowStalker Author

Sorry for the late response, danke for trying our mod. I hope you can enjoy it even more in the future.

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