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After a fun launch of the pre-alpha, we receive a ton of good feedback!

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Thanks for playing the Pre-Alpha

I receive a ton of good information regarding the basics of the game which is great to have before getting deeper into development. We also had a successful play testing in person with the University of North Texas which proved to be hecka fun. Here are the Results:

  • Control Issue: Having everything on the direction pad/joystick proved to be quite a handful depending on how random the controls got. The solution is to spread out the buttons among the controller to make it easier to Drunk Drive
  • Hitbox Detection: Players found out if you physics too hard, you'll go through the planes, easy solution is to extend hitboxes for all cars.
  • Infinite Reverse: This will be a tough on, it turns out that cars tend to go in reverse for a long period of time, this could be a controller issues or a underlying physics issue that may take time to fix. This is only noticeable while going down a hill, but should be fixed

Plans for next Patch

The current patch is multiplayer focused, the next one will be single player focused bringing a challenge mode and possible time trial mode. Gameplay issues will be in the process of being fixed as well. The current full release of the next patch should be Feb 18th with the intent of full Alpha release by the end of this month.

Thank you very much for playing and we will continue to make this alpha as fun as we can!

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