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Long time coming, but the pre-alpha demo 1.2 version is now available for download on Itch.IO.

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It took longer than expected, but I'm happy to say that the 1.2 update is now available on Itch.IO! The biggest amount of time was spent on a complete rebuild of the colonist behavior system to fix up existing issues and ensure expand-ability as I continue to add new content and colonist actions.

There are a lot of other great fixes and improvements including storage containers can no be placed anywhere, better profession leveling, better hauling and a lot more. Check out the release notes below for a full list of updates and fixes.

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Release Notes


  • Colonist movement speed now based on athletics attribute
  • Colonist profession level now affects productivity for some professions.
  • Completely new colonist behavior system to allow for better behaviors as well as resolve issues with colonists getting stuck
  • Builders now collect all items required to build an object before going to the object to build it.
  • Builders will only collect items for a build project if all items required to build it are available
  • Colonists moving items to storage will now pickup multiple adjacent items on the ground
  • Changes to base profession productivity speed
  • Profession level progress is now scaled. Higher levels require more experience/work in that profession.
  • Items on the ground can be selected and will now show internal inventory with quantities.
  • Deconstructed structures now drop the materials required to create it
  • Deconstructed storage containers drop their content on the ground
  • Deconstructing action now takes time to do based on structure durability
  • Added deconstruction animation and effects
  • Game starts with four colonists instead of three
  • Added Feedback form to main menu and in game menu
  • Colonists now have hair with random starting color.
  • Darker lighting
  • Minor graphic tweaks to Fog Of War and tile selection
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Storage containers can now be placed anywhere
  • Removed Storage Room Floor
  • Storage Container inventory size increased


  • Colonists will no longer favor moving items to storage over their chosen profession
  • Colonists should no longer get stuck in various situations
  • Profession level progress should update with colonist info window open
  • Colonists now correctly find and eat food items.
  • Global Storage Facility Storage section should now show items stored in storage containers.
  • Colonists profession level properly capped at 10
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