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Finally finished with the hull codes, now we are going to start with the final steps: scenarios and balancing.

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Now this is awesome, since i've learned by myself to make the codes for each hull, i've coded a total of 39 hulls!! A standard size race has around 12 hulls!
I'm very happy with what we have done, now the to do list looks like this:

To Do List:
General Modding:
> Module Making: Under control and relatively finished.
> Turrent Graphics Making: Finished by Darkstar076.
> Design of Hulls: Needing 1 Cruiser Hull, 1 Destroyer Hull, and 2 Station Hulls.
> Making of Damage/Hulk versions: Almost finished and Covered by Cptfox and Kalthaniell.
> Hull Coding: Covered by Me and almost finished.
> Scenario Making: Not covered.
Ship Classes Making:
Drones:______________ Target= 3 Designs= 3 Functional= 3
Fighters:_____________ Target= 4 Designs= 4 Functional= 4
Corvettes:____________ Target= 2 Designs= 2 Functional= 2
Target Dummy Ships:___ Target= 4 Designs= 4 Functional= 4
Frigates:______________Target= 5 Designs= 5 Functional= 5
Destroyers:____________Target= 3 Designs= 2 Functional= 2
Cruisers:______________Target= 5 Designs= 4 Functional= 4
Dreadnoughts:_________ Target= 3 Designs= 3 Functional= 3
Leviathans:___________ Target= 2 Designs= 2 Functional= 2
Stations:______________Target= ? Designs= 4 Functional= 4
Cargo Ships:___________Target= 5 Designs= 4 Functional= 3
Shuttles:___________ Target= 1 Designs= 1 Functional= 1
Elite Experimentals:_____Target= one for each combat class Designs= 2 Functional= 2

Functional Hulls Count:
: 39 =O Epic! =D

Functional Modules Count:
: 159 Modules with 140 new Icons, 102 Visual Effects (FX) and 59 new Sound Effects.

Current Version: 0.70

v0.5 - Modules Created <<99.999% Complete>>
v0.6 - Turret Graphics / Weapon FX complete <<100% Complete>>
v0.7 - Ships coded in <<99.999% Complete>>
v0.8 - Missions Complete <<0% Complete>>
Last call for new Modules / Weapons / Ships / Missions / Contentv
1.0 - Remove Unused files and RELEASE !

As you will be able to see in the images section, there are from tiny ship types to HUGE capital ships called Leviathans, this last type of ship have been quite popular in the forum, and seems like other modders are already making their own leviathans, that means... EPIC fights incoming!
I've tested the new hulls and modules, they are Overpowered and the Balancing Phase will be needed, thanks to god, i have friendly modders that are going to help me ^^
If everything runs without more delays, i think that the 1.0 release will be ready for December, nice chrismas gift huh? =D

That is all for now Moddb! I hope to see some of you checking the official forums in

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