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This is an announcement of Praetorian Defiance Existence in the ModDB Community!!!

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ModDB is a great community and Praetorian Defiance is a great up and coming game. So, it's only fair that the two meet each other. Let us know what you think of the project. Hopefully of Images will be updated soon... I'm not exactly a graphic designer. ;)

Praetorian Defiance is a new first person shooter that will immerse the
player in an alien world, harsh and unyielding, as a warrior who’s people have
been betrayed by the very people sent to help them. This causes them to turn to
an old adversary in order to fight for your very survival. Our Player (Insert Name
Here) is a member of the Praetorian Guard on Gilese 185C. Originally a Colony of
Earth Gilese was cut off from all support from earth and abandoned to it’s own
fate. Despite this the people there prospered. They even modified their bodies to
better suit their hostile environment. Then out of the blue, Earth reappears, but
to what end is the subject of our story.

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