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Description of the power ups added in TankCity game!

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Hi, today I finished coding, designing and modeling power ups for my game TankCity! There are total of five power ups in the game to help score the maximum points! Take a look at the video here to get an idea of the gameplay!

Power Ups

First one here is just a coin, it simply increases your score and nothing else! It will be spawned with .4 (highest) probability!

Power Ups

This one here, shaped like a missile is called AirStrike! It calls down an airstrike from God knows where and a missile falls down on one of the enemies, destroying him and earning you points!
Something like this...

AirStrike in action!
Probability = 0.2;

There is limited number of seconds in which player have to score maximum points! This power up will increase that time by 10 seconds!
Probability = .2;

Power Ups

Bigbang(Or something):D
Power Ups

Okay Idk what to name this one(though other power ups ain't named very intelligibly either, I admit!)
but what this one do is, it blow up all of the tanks (only enemy tanks) in the scene!(they respawn again so don't worry about them!)
Probability = .1(Rare);

Causes everything to move and act in slow motion! To be precise 1/4 of the original speed of time! But player moves with (almost)normal speed !
Probability = .1;

Power Ups
(yeah, it's a turtle shell!)

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