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The superheroic action game is now on Steam Early Access, featuring a cast of eight unique heroes and villains each with their own unique superpower. Explore Metropolis Island and test your abilities.

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After many sleepless nights of analyzing comicbooks and writing comic code, PowersVR is on Early Access on Steam. The game lets anyone with a HTC Vive (and eventually Oculus Rift) headset become the hero they've been dreaming of being since they were 5. With an array of powers which will only expand in future updates - flight, haul fireballs and cast spells.

Future updates include the Challenge mode, which will let you use each Power to it's full potential, more heroes and villains each with their own abilities and most importantly a several-hour long, single-player story campaign, where you'll need to take control of all eight original heroes to defend Earth from it's greatest threat yet!

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