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This article contains the usual dev log and some news.

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Hello everyone!

This is the first Powercity 9000 alpha article. This article contains the usual update information.
This update adds a whole new GUI and a better menu. This is also another free Powercity 9000 update.
The updates aren't going to be free anymore in the future, so be sure to play these last free ones!

UPDATE: Do you want to chat/talk about the game? I created a discord server for people to chat about powercity 9000, bugs, updates, ideas,...
JOIN HERE: Discord

You can download the new update for the game here:
New update (alpha v1.1 v1.2) released! Download it here: (new article about alpha v1.1 soon)

Pixelart in Powercity 9000


Roads connecting


"Wiggle" effect




Canceled "Wiggle" effect


New water tile (needs work)

Animation85 1

Fading error messages

Animation77 1

Another gif

Animation84 1

All the new features are listed below:


  • Optimized code
  • Placed the help text files in a folder so that it's easier to find
  • Made saving compatible with the new GUI system
  • The population count only shows the increase in population when you select an object with an increase > 0
  • Gameplay options save when closing the game
  • The tile cursor is now hidden under the GUI


  • Improved tile cursor movement (smoother)
  • Improved and optimized code
  • Improved the mouse collision box for better tile placement
  • Improved population icon


  • Changed threeway intersection texture
  • Changed the game icon (now it's always a "P")
  • Changed ice texture
  • Changed sand texture
  • Changed water texture
  • Changed both grass textures
  • Changed both stone textures
  • Changed gravel texture
  • Changed railway texture
  • Changed railway corner texture
  • Changed ice texture
  • Changed both rainbow textures
  • Changed sand texture
  • Changed field texture to a temporary texture
  • Changed error color to "OrangeRed"
  • Changed menu scrolling values
  • Changed the position of the little buttons in scrolling menus
  • Changed saving, so it's compatible with the connecting tiles
  • Changed maximum map size to 100
  • Changed maximum map size error message
  • Changed character limit for the world name


  • Added dirt tile (2 colors)
  • Added colored tile (5 colors)
  • Added connecting road tile
  • Added ancient tile
  • Added snow tile
  • Added rock texture (experimental)
  • Added 2 new colors to the small house
  • Added info text when you hover over GUI, game buttons or menu buttons
  • Added "button info" toggle button, to toggle info text
  • Added gameplay menu scrolling
  • Added a scroll icon to indicate that you can scroll up/down for more options
  • Added "Toggle scroll icon" option in the gameplay menu
  • Added "font shadow" option in the gameplay menu with 4 different font shadows
  • Added new and better GUI for selecting tiles and objects
  • Added a new GUI where you can see your population
  • Added bar behind error text in the main menu
  • Added a bigger array for object files, so you can have more than 4 color variants
  • Added humans [Glitchy and buggy]
  • Added secret feature
  • Added controls menu [NO KEY REMAPPING YET!]
  • Added bars behind selected buttons
  • Added loading error message when no older save was found
  • Added options warning message that indicates that the options are not done yet
  • Added effect on all the error/warning messages
  • Added inability to build when hovering over gui textures
  • Added saving for audio (sound effects)
  • Added wiggly effect to the create button
  • Added toggle for people/humans spawning
  • Added toggle for the "wiggle" button effect
  • Added population drop when a building with a population is deleted


  • Updated "ModdingHelp.txt"
  • Updated "Controls.txt"
  • Updated "ReadMe.txt"
  • Updated the minimap textures for the objects and tiles


  • Fixed double character bug when typing letters/numbers
  • Fixed load game menu scrolling problem
  • Fixed population counter error
  • Fixed population count not saving
  • Fixed error message not showing 5 seconds
  • Fixed error message changing when returning to the main menu screen
  • Fixed "game name" error message timing
  • Fixed audio menu not playing preview sound when moving the mouse of the scroll bar
  • Fixed save button in audio menu not playing the right sound loudness
  • Fixed map size not resetting when getting an error message
  • Fixed minimap textures not loading correctly for objects and tiles
  • Fixed saving error
  • Fixed mouse tile select texture above gui textures


  • Removed tile and object on the left side of the screen
  • Removed random test object
  • Removed Sand/grass-hybrid
  • Removed the old road texture files

You can also buy the game! The game is still free, but you can buy a key for future paid update for $3.00 right now.
That's cheaper than the full game!
You can but the update pass on here.


Do you want to contact us? Well, you can!

You can contact us on Indiedb, twitter (@JelleVandesijpe, @) or email ( for questions, game problems and business.

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