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An update regarding the planning and creation of ring search quest lines.

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Dear readers and followers,

For the past week or so, the plan for the event chains involving the treasure hunts for 'trinkets of power' in this up and coming mod have all been finalized, with an exception of the quest line for Caerulus Adamas. Physical work has begun on the introduction events for these chains, as well as for a intrigue decision listing existing ring holders in the world. These quest lines are planned to involve a significant amount of resource investment from the player and will include trials including the ring's specific attribute. For instance, the Intrigue Ring (Savium Serpens) will involve an intrigue challenge(s) for the player, and so on.

Also, similar to the event chain involving immortality in vanilla CK2, there does exist a significant threat to the character's life, depending on the choices they make towards the end of the chain and the ring the trinket they are pursuing. For release, quest chains will be pretty straight-forward if the search succeeds, and I hope to add more options and risks for the player as this project develops.

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Trinkets of Power Development

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