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Due to an unexpected power outage last night, we were hard pressed to finish the coding challenge left for today.

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Last night was a terrible night for us. With a release date of January 1st, and a half filled in campfire class, we were shocked to be hit with 60 mile per hour winds, knocking out our power for the rest of the night. We were up all night with no computer, phone, or internet to complete the task before us, however, to our luck, power came back on around 6 am. Prompting our recent dash to the finish.

The end result? 0.1.4 is ready for release! However with some minor changes compared to what was stated (still very close).

As mentioned before, the Campfire block was added to the game, but with a limiter on how much you can place at a time (maximum 4).

(Note: I have already placed one in the map)

Upon adding the block and lighting the fire you are greeted with a pleasant crackling effect.

In addition to setting the mood, the campfire has a side effect of healing the player and setting the player's spawn point.

Only one fire can be lit at a time (as there can be only one spawn point), upon lighting a new fire, the previous one will go out.

On other notes, the complete change log is below:

- Fixed the bug that caused Temko noises to not work and a secondary placed Abrams to create strange noises
- re purposed the aging Particle Engine for use with fire.
- Added campfires, which set the player spawn when lit, and provide a health regeneration factor.
- campfires now save along with other blocks.
- Added a limit to campfires to reduce lag related to the particle engine.
- Gave bullets a small particle trail that is just aesthetic.
- Revamped M1911, MP5k, and M4A1 shot sounds to sound more realistic (and really satisfying to fire).
- Fixed the offset flashlight while the M1911 was equipped.
- Alpha Zombies now spawn, and ignore player health, and stealth, and can lead zombies to you.
- Music fades out when hidden from zombies and back in when spotted, but always remains at an ambient level.
- Stealth mechanics re-written and finally working!
- Zombies now roam in search of the player, and beeline to him if he is found.
- Game is now capable of deleting save files it deems corrupt (when a future release is confirmed to not work with a past release).
- Player Stats file has levels set to a random number upon exit, which it decodes on start.
- You can cycle from three different map types by pressing the > key, the game saves which map you are on upon exit.
- "Sprinting" zombies were removed.

- The intersecting two Temkos/Abrams audio bug stills exists due to no collision between each vehicle. This is being worked out.
- Collision still a little iffy.

- The bug preventing the game from compiling due to an "unexpected error" has vanished. Beats me what happened.
- I had a lot of fun thanks to this release, and a lot of hard work too, one thing was the "sprinting" zombies bug which gave me new zombie ideas...

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