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Power of Corruption (PoC) version 2.2d is available for download.

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Yes, I know I promised I won't do new versions, that real life has been horrible with me, but these days I've been free of time and this map came to my mind as a good remembering...

Well, basically I did some minor bug fixes and I've added new models to the Demon and Naga races.

Changelog 02/01/2011:


  • Fixed a bug with Inner Hell: now Inferno Knight won't be hurted if it cast the ability over a unit with poisonous skin.
  • Improved damage credit.
  • Increased between 5% and 7% the damage dealt in the demon race, to improve balance against the endurance capabilities in the Naga race
  • Now the Multiboard that shows the devotion resource only shows allied values.
  • Added new models, mainly for the demon race.

Current Models:

- Naga Enchantress
- Arachnian Queen
- Demon Birth model
Dan van Ohllus:
- Succorbenoth model (Demon Tower)
- Chaos Razormane
- TideBaron Model
General Frank:
- Fel hound Rider
- Fel Orc Rampager
- Chaos Altar of Terror
- WarQueen
- incursor (terror king)
- Dragon Turtle (Transport turtle)
- Death Knight (Burning Knight)
- Rock Prison
- Sea Drake
- Lord of Darkness
- Spiral Aura
- Fanactism Aura
- Greater Geiser
- Aura of Damnation
- Aura of Damnation buff
- BlackHole
- ManaThirst
- Treacherous Attack
- EnergyBreathDamage
- Legion Teleporter model
- Naga Town Hall
- Venom Warrior skin
- Demon Hall model
- Diabolic skin
- Satyr Worker model

I hope don't forget anybody in the credits. If you find any bug or suggestion please feel free to post it here or in the official forum. Enjoy :D

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