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Welcome, to the Premier World Fighting Tournament.

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Somewhere in the world...

A man realizes the ultimate horror of his future...
Another is expelled from his former life...
A girl searches for her lost brother...
And a disturbed local seeks redemption...

There are things in this world that were never meant to be realized, there are things that must remain as they are, and there are things that must be changed forever. Some won't make it to the other side, some will perish before they even realize the truth, and others will be doomed to live the rest of their lives without any hint of ignorance.


POW Fighters is the largest project I've attempted thus far. Already, it's absorbed the entirety of my Summer, and killed around a forest's worth of trees. It may just be 8 fighters, but that's a larger number then you'd think!

Fighters In Progress 2

I'm going for a strange blend of seriousness and comedy, I don't want to butcher my story as most fighters do, but I also don't want to lose that "personal touch" you can see I have in my games, in the dialogue, in the game itself, in everything, really.

This game is mostly a springboard for a larger story, everyone's gotta start somewhere, right? But this is by no means rushed, you can't rush something in 3 months, you really can't.

I really am going all out on this, the music, the sounds (first game with voice actors,) the art (I have my friend doing some amazing character portraits,) the everything. This is my most complete game yet, and will set a new personal precedent for myself, in terms of game design.

Stay tuned for more in-depth character bios, mechanics, and such.

Fighters In Progress 2

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