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Legions of Potestas. Mighty Warriors of Salah`Zarr God.

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List of Potestas Legions

Encarmine Brothers

Sons of Potestas

Sons of Leodegran

Black Guards

Salah`Zarr Wardens

Imperious Devastators

Blood Sons

Eviscerators of Potestas

Loyal Spreaders

Riders of Armageddon


Sons of Malevolence

Crusaders of Death

Invulnerable Watchers


Chaos Bearers

Legio Plumbatarii

Legio Scutarii

Sons of Necromancer

Sons of Salah`Zarr

Daughters of Kamaal

Gorgeous Lancers


Lords of Absolute Power

Lords of Destruction

Flame Warriors

Sons of Eladraman

Brothers of Virulence


I think "Chaos Bearers" does not fit with Salah'Zar's theme of "Light/Righteousness". Maybe "Truth Bearers", or "Light Seekers", are better names which will fit better with Eladraman theme? Just a suggestion.
Also "Brothers of Virulence" sounds evil.. (Virulence= Virus, hostility, corruption). Maybe "Brothers of Benevolence" instead?
Also, why "Sons of Necromancer"? That's evil too! Maybe "Lux Clericis" ("Clerics of Light", in Latin), or "Banishers of Darkness".
These are only suggestions though... Just to keep the Legions' names consistent with Salah'Zarr's theme...

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