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Potania has been updated to 1.1, adding Linux support and a slew of new features!

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Potania has now officially reached version 1.1, marking the Linux release of the game as well as several other improvements to the game, such as selectable scenarios, of which three have been included, we will continue to support Potania as bugs are identified and fixed as well as features are added to the game, slowly but surely we're ensuring that Potania is a game you'll love to play.

Full changelist is as follows:

v1.1 - 09/01/13
ADDED: Initial release of Potania for Linux.
ADDED: Keys now bindable from the launcher.
ADDED: Scenario Select Menu.
ADDED: Added 3 basic scenarios.
ADDED: An obvious border around the map.
ADDED: ability to pause production on buildings, to stop them from using resources.
ADDED: Icons over workers.

REMOVED: Removed Edge Scrolling.

FIXED: Animations on workers have been fixed.
FIXED: Workers will now be deleted along with the buildings they're assigned to.
FIXED: Tree's no longer block placing buildings.

CHANGED: Workers speed changed from 0.2 to 0.083.

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