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So, MyWorld has been postponed, for better use of a word. Why? Too much, too soon. I couldn't find a programmer to program the game.

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MyWorld has been postponed.

I definetly intend to pick it up again one day; it's been my life's work for the last two years! But, I have been unsuccessful in attracting a programmer to actually program the game, which isn't a suprise, really, seeing as how much needed to be done as volunteer work.

So, for now, Shardice Productions (Myself, as of the moment) will be working on Project Earth, which needs next to no programming on the original engine itself, Eclipse.

Project Earth is basically Earth, but set in 200BC. You can explore the huge world whilst doing all the classic RPG elements, with a little bit of my magic added to it, although I'm not quite sure what that is, as of the moment!
Project Earth, the working title, will be as historically correct as possible, starting in Italy, the Roman Republic.

I'll be setting up a page on ModDB for it, for those who have read this far and are not currently hunting me down, can follow it.


If i could program i would try to volunteer. =(
This seemed to have such a great potential.
Well, good luck with your other project, want to see it as soon as possible. =)

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Azkanan Author

I intend to continue MyWorld one day, when I can afford a programmer. For now though, Project Earth. It looks like it'll be alot of fun - I'll hold votes for the fans, so they can vote which territory to be in the next expansions thereafter Italy. :)

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Azkanan Author

Ugh. Unbelievable. MyWorld's website has been taken DOWN and CANCELLED.


I got in contact with them last night about it. I checked it just now, and they're telling me that the data is irretreivable, and that I shouldn't of broken the Terms and Conditions.
Well, I then replied with a thumb up their ***, saying how I read the T&C beforehand and last night, and I havn't broken a single rule. EVER.

This is absolute BS. I suggest to all NOT to use I've been telling people to use them for over a year, but this just takes the... friggin... cake. Rage.

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