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Hi,guys!We will publish some stories about our mod's background from today,and here is the first one.

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An oasis in Northen Sahara, 2013.11
Former Libyan government prison for political prisoners, now UN Special Correctional Facility P-F08 in Libya


A stream of blue-gray flowed out of the prison gate. This was the UN multinational joint escort convoy that is preparing to transfer “Deathstrike” Mohmar, once GLA general, to the UN ad hoc tribunal in New York.

Months ago, the multinational anti-terrorist coalition captured General Mohmar who had retreated with the GLA brigade in a northern village in Libya. The Americans were going to take Mohmar and everything he knew for themselves, but were opposed by a coalition of China, EU and Russia, represented by China, who demanded that Mohmar be transported away immediately for a public trial at the UN General Assembly and broadcast live to the world in accordance with the standard process of international tribunals.

But the Americans disagreed. The countries had to go with a compromisingPlan B - transporting Mohmar to a special UN correctional facility for temporary detention. There, after all, the Americans could find a way to pry Mohmar's mouth open.

There was supposed to be a follow-up to this Plan B - have the UN come to this prison for a secret trial, and then broadcast the trial video live to the world. But the arrogant Americans insisted that the trial of Mohmar be held in the United States. The Americans' own considerations is that the greatest humiliation for Mohmar and the GLA would be to use the U.S. military in New York City, on the Americans' own turf, to escort Mohmar to an international tribunal for trial. Ultimately, the UN could only prevent problems that might arise during the escort by creating a mixed escort convoy.

Once out of the oasis, all that could be seen was the endless waves of sand. In a Chinese Mengshi, two soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, who were responsible for driving, sat in the front seat of the car without saying a word. In the back seat of the car sat the escort supervisor representing China with a flower and two beans (Lieutenant General) on his shoulder. Surrounding the car were Chinese armored soldiers tasked with the transfer. A U.S. Army jeep came up from behind and drove side by side with this Mengshi for a while, the men in it seemed to be telling some kind of joke, the U.S. soldier in the passenger seat grinned widely and slapped the door of the Humvee, swinging it back and forth. The driver of the Humvee looked at the Mengshi, pointed with his finger and seemed to say something. The soldier in the passenger seat laughed even harder. After that the jeep gave a kick to the gas and left in the dust.

The convoy was not marching very fast. In order to move Mohmar, they had sent a number of decoy convoys with helicopter teams dressed as dummies to confuse the GLA remnants.

“Shit, this is infuriating. What the hell are our government departments even for?” The Mengshi co-pilot who first saw the Humvee cursed indignantly.

The lieutenant general in the back seat asked: “Oh? Comrade Ji, what do you mean?”

The soldier, whose chest plate read Ji Mingyi sitting in the passenger seat, still held anger in his words: “Sir, I just am not convinced, why to send that bastard to the United States for trial only now...”

“Yeah, you see, if our diplomats had been putting in more effort, would it come out diffrently?” The driver of the car picked up the conversation.

The lieutenant general in the back rebuked them: “If you two have something to say, after the mission! Now is the mission period! We represent the Chinese soldiers! Is that clear?”

Although the two men in the front seat were grumpy, they replied forcefully: “Understood!”

The sky was a soft purple-red color. The convoy arrived at the airport at five o'clock local time, in the morning, no less.

The convoy stopped and the once infamous General Mohmar got out of the prison car. After getting out of the car, he did not continue to walk up to the plane but looked up with a mocking smile, contemptuously turned his wrists in the handcuffs.

The American officer next to him could only shrug, explaining to the Chinese that Mohmar refuse to change his behaviours, while pulling out his own Marlboro, pinching Mohmar's cheek and shoving it hard into his open mouth, then lighted that cigarette.

At the very moment of ignition, a steel-core armor-piercing bullet pierced the officer's arm. The wailing officer was immediately dragged into an ambulance waiting nearby, ironically enough, these medical vehicles were used as a backup plan in case General Mohmar committed suicide. But just as the rest of the soldiers were about to pull General Mohmar away, gunfire broke out from near the airport's terminal.

On a sand dune, a man lifted his hood and spoke into a walkie-talkie: “Mission begins.” A large number of GLA soldiers burrowed out of the hidden tunnels.

Just a few months earlier, Jarmen Kell had looked around, eventually trading six tickets to Saudi Arabia and $8,000 through the hands of a local man working in this prison for the information that an important, dangerous-looking man was here.

"Now, it's time to fight..."


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