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ProjectGame started creating the Postal2Remake! The game gets new days! example: one day before actual action in orginal Postal2+Some new days after P2 week days... It got new graphic+sound and new weapons, maps be rebuilded and changed to 'nature' maps... We add some new locations to orginal Paradise ex. School [Not by Kamek] Park, and we remake a forest [we add Waterfall, and we add more trees and grass!] Textures be in HD ex. Computer keybord, when zoomed you don't see anything, in P2R

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You saw each button....


New FX! Now when you kick the door they can be crashed or they just go down... with the new FX [hit smoke] ,


Remake too contain new animations and psychics... Now you can swim in the sea [it be added in P2R]
You can visit old castle with warriors [you can too get sword]

Biggest explosion! new Explosion FX...

Party just be started with this game... !


-This Game isn't completed yet
-Language of this game [Sub+Dub] is Polish!
-Textures be in Polish Language!
-There's +18 content!
-The Children be in the game!!!
-It totally changes your games, It don't be needed normal P2 [maybe]


Do you wanna see How we creating this mod?

Theres a screen from creating P2REMAKE [ProjectGame - All Rights Reserved]

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