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After rendering off all of the scenes, passing them around a FTP, then having that fail and having to learn After Effects and do the editing on my own how far are we to getting done realistically? find out in this update.

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Hello again everyone.

Welcome yet again to another update, I realise things have gotten very confusing and messy for some people in terms of whats going on in production and some people want constant updates, so I am posting this to tell you the progress so far.

Recently I found that my assistant editor was unable to do his role because of other things interupting the process leaving him with no free time to help, thus I have had to go and start learning how to use After Effects myself, I have been testing it out as you can see in the video gallery as I managed to get the HUD working, the problem is that because the footage is shakey and cant be adjusted due to all the effects being done in Unreal Engine mainly and alot of frames moving quickly on screen that AE cant line up and solve the frames for the 3d camera tracker, thus I only have 1 actual scene with a working HUD so far unfortunately.

It is important for me to get these first person sequences done as they are major sections of the OVA that allow the footage to cut out and cut back in again jumping to another scene, without them it doesnt make much sense and thus I have been trying for the past couple of days to find a solution to my 3d camera tracking problem but with me coming up empty alot of the time.

Thus I have decided I am going to render the HUD out as an image and then place it as an overlay ontop of the footage and just take the actual footage from UDK out so that its just camera shots, this means re rendering (yet again) those scenes which feature the HUD to make it look consistant.

Hopefully after this is done it will actually work how I want it to, and thus I can finally get things finished, the final animation is entertaining and smooth, but there are obvious places where you can see I could have done more but ended up burning myself out on, hopefully it wont look too bad.

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