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Now that Dead In Vinland is released, we can talk about what's next: the first major patch!

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Hello survivors! That’s it, we’ve released the game! HAAAAAAAAAAA! And now: TIME FOR SOME PATCH!

(If you’ve missed it, you can get it on Steam, GoG, and Origin!)

It’s been only a few days since release, but we’ve already done 2 quick patches to correct some urgent things. But now that the game is in a state that we are happy with, we’ll start working on some bigger free patches.

We want to let you know what to expect.

The next step for us, and the topic of the 1.1 patch, is all about quality of life improvements. A number of good ideas have popped in the forums, ideas that for the most part we had towards the end of the development, but couldn’t implement in time. As you may have seen, the game is HUGE for a small team like us, so it was already a big challenge to release the game in time (but we did it!)

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So, let’s get to the point! I’ll detail here some of the big and small features we’ll be working on:

Speed up the game!

  • We’ll increase the max range in the speed-up options. We’ll see how high we can go without breaking the game, but with that you won’t need a “cheat engine” anymore to speed up things, hopefully ;)
  • Skip mode for dialogs: we’ll add an option to speed dialogs REALLY FAST. Activable at any time.
  • Instant text display: we’ll add a checkbox in the options menu.

Dead In Vinland Dialogue Blodeuwedd 02

Quality of life with food/drinks

  • We’ll add a little shortcut to give erveryone who is Dehydrated a set amount of water ration.
  • We’ll modify how the right-click works with food and rations, to enable players to magnetic drag “stacks” of food/water, and distribute them directly without having to go back to the item bar.

DiV - Water

Safety check when boiling water

  • You won’t lose your fire anymore due to frenzy click on the boiling button ;)

Level ups v2

  • We’ll re-roll duplicates traits, so that you’ll have 5 different traits on any level up.
  • We’ll force 1 battle trait and 1 management trait in the list. The other 3 will still be random.
  • We’ll add an option to re-roll the list, in exchange of a negative trait for the character.

DiV - Level Up

Character management in the camp

  • We’ll find a way to let you see in one glimpse which character is the best suited for a skill. We have several ideas for that.
  • Send everyone to shelter shortcut: we already have an undocumented shortcut. We’ll make an option page with documentation for all keyboard shortcuts.
  • Save deployment presets, and load them at anytime.
  • Add a character quickly to a slot with a key press.

Inventory filters

  • You’ll be able to filter your inventory, showing you how many food, resources, healing items you have in stock.

Dead In Vinland UI Inventory

Post battle XP

  • We’ll see if we can do it without breaking the balancing of the game

DiV - Victory

Animosity gauge feedback (When you don’t give your tribute to Elof)

  • For now the animosity level is hidden. We may add a feedback on its increase/decrease to give players a better understanding of what is happening.

RNG (random number generator)

  • This one is tricky, because we can assure you that there is no “bug” or “hidden agenda” in the random number generator. It’s pure random, like dice throws: each throw is completely independent. Let’s take the example of rolling a 6-sided die and trying to get a result between 2 and 6 (only 1 is a fail). This has 5/6 chances of happening, which is roughly 83%. Now, if we roll this die several times, you’ll see that it can definitely happen that you fail your roll more than once in a row, even several times (or even the opposite, never fail!).
  • But we understand it can be frustrating to some people who are not accustomed to pen & paper RPGs… We’ll try to find some ways to have IN SOME CASES a random number which would take into account the “statistical chances”.
  • In any case, we’ll be very cautious with meddling with the pure random generator we have now, because it could break apart MANY things. Right now, the game is intentionnaly focused on buffing/debuffing during battles, and having bad series of events giving you some difficulty spikes from time to time. We think that when you are accustomed to the game, it gives you some real fun having to deal with strokes of bad fortune. And even more sense of accomplishment when you succeed to overcome them.

GoldenArrow Website 3

So that’s it, we’ll be focused on that for the coming days/weeks. I don’t have any ETA for the patch right now, we still have to see at which pace we can advance.

But what I can say, it’s that we WANT to continue working on the game as long as we can with patches like this one. We won’t be able to do EVERYTHING, but we want to give Dead In Vinland the love it deserves. We also want to produce new content, both free and paid, but that is another story ^^

We also want to thank all of you for supporting us by getting the game! And you seem to be enjoying it, which is really cool for us! We hope you’ll like what we’re going to do for the next updates of Dead In Vinland!

If you liked the game, don’t hesitate to write a review on Steam. And, if you need some advice, or just want to talk to us or other players, please join our Discord server!

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