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3 Weeks after the launch on Steam, Beyond Enemy Lines recieved several major updates and new free content. Take a look at it ...

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New Mission - Military Airfield + Donation DLC:

A brand new mission with over 1h new playtime.

A gigantic complex surrounding a military airfield allowing you to unfold your entire tactical knowledge. Scout out of the mountains, observe the enemy movement and infiltrate the airfield unnoticed.

Your Objectives are threefold:

  • Infiltrate the installation without raising suspicion.
  • Locate and arrest Vladislav Zykov.
  • Once you have Zykov in custody, escort him to the exfiltration zone.

Donations DLC:

This DLC contains no data, this mission is available for free to everyone who bought the base game. Buy this DLC only if you want to support the further development of Beyond Enemy Lines. You won't get any special content for buying this DLC.

Trainyard reconstruction:

The Singlemission Trainyard was the first mission ever created for Beyond Enemy Lines. Even if it's a legacy mission the age and some failures in the layout are noticeable. With it's close quater set up and limited routs, Trainyard does not fit perfectly into the mission structure of Beyond Enemy Lines. To accomplish a new and better feeling, the Trainyard gets a small extension to open more routes and possibilities.

Light improvements:

On almost all Missions the light and shadow casting get's a slightly overhaul to improve the shadow distance and enhance the atmospherical effects.

Subtitles + Translations & Audio Options:

  • added voice slider to the audio options
  • added subtitles (English, German, Chinese, Norwegian, Turkish)
  • reworked and added new environment sound effects in higher quality
  • reworked weapon sounds

Full Controller Support:

As of now, Beyond Enemy Lines can be completly played with a controller and all menus are now controllable with a gamepad or the keyboard (Settings menu is an exception, this still needs a mouse).

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