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We had a blast at GDC last week! Here is the latest trailer showing off more scenes from the game. Please note that we are still very early in development and a lot can change - especially combat that in this trailer is hardly shown.

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Pre Alpha trailer for GDC 2013. Illustrating scenes and characters for the most part. Dialogs, combat and other gameplay not included in this trailer.

And for those that are new to Festival of Magic - here is a short explanation of what we are making:

  • RPG with turn based Combat
  • Harvesting gameplay where you can farm magical plants, spuds and mushrooms.
  • Use the harvest as ammunition and spells for combat - you have a spudgun!
  • Catch and train monsters - they eat magical spuds, fish and mushrooms.
  • Asynchronous PVP (Players vs Monster Pets)
  • Story driven characters
  • Strange and scary-cute monsters
  • Discover ancient technology, plants and magic.
  • 4 Episodes of RPG Quests planned with a deep twisted story.

    Planned for PC/Mac, iOS/Android, OUYA and maybe also the Wii U.


You seem to be able to keep the quality high. Keep it up! We wanna see more...

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Turn based combat ruins this game... It's so old and not realistic.

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It's not outdated, turn based combat is a class of games. Games like Heroes of might and magic and Final fantasy was at their peak when they were strictly turn based. They both lost a chunk of their fanbase when they started making the gameplay more "Realistic"...

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Very nice trailer! I love the genre and the stunning visuals!
I'm not a huge fan of turn-based fighting either, but it can still be fun, just slow sometimes.

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bendikstang Author

Thanks for the feedback!

We will do our best to make the turn based combat fun, fast and responsive and we do feel that turn based combat is the optimal fight system for a story driven RPG.

What we have shown so far is not the actual combat but an illustration of the concept.


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