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Now that the contest ended, it's a good time to wrap things up, and get ready to develop for long-term.

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After a couple of very rushed days, the contest deadline is over, and the game has been delivered. We made this game for this contest, but we mean to finish it and make it commercial, to sell it on Steam or App Store or the like. And now that we have the time, it's time to look at things from a slower, long-term perspective.

One of the things to iron out is gameplay. Since the deadline was so close, many bugs just weren't addressed, and left alone to improve or finish some other important area. For instance, the picture of this news shows the exact same place in the game, the left image inside the editor and the right in-game. There's a pile of wooden pieces there, but, for some unknown reason, two hours before deadline they decided to fall on their own at game start! They were fine before, and suddenly they aren't. Lot's of other objects behaved like this, but there was no time to find and correct this bug.

Apart from bugs (which are a sure thing in game development), the levels needs to be revised with a cold head. Sure, they look rather nice, but they were rushed, so looking at them again could yield better gameplay, ballance and fun. And visuals! Just as we delivered, I started placing some wooden pieces in the mines to hold the "floating" platforms, and it came out very nice (I almost forgot to sleep). They need the visual treatment, and it will come with a lot of care.

By the way, I'd like to take the opportunity to say it: thank you so much, Unity Team! Never in the history of game development it was possible to make such a game so fast and so easily, deploy it to so many different platforms, at such an amazing cost! And, for the little I've seen from Unity 3, you're definitely going for the top! Thank you!

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