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A large patch that will fix bugs that was present in the 9th Anniversary update, and will add new content, among other things.

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Hello community. I hope all is doing well, or at least okay enough. :^)

I will not waste anyone's time, so I will jump right into the fixes. Here is the patch notes:

The Y-wing is now starting tech and no longer needs to be stolen from other factions to build.

The AAC-1 tank research must now be stolen to build.

Increased to cost to steal the Liberator-class Cruiser and the U-wing Gunship.

Slightly changed the Rebel Alliance starbase garrisons for station level 4 and 5.
Details in the in-game info box.

Edited the galactic conquest dashboards for all factions.

The Shipyards of Kuat GC is now playable.

Reduced the Arquitens-class turbolaser damage per shot by 5. Is now 25, was 30.

Fixed an issue that prevented capital ships from being produced at Ord Trasi.

Re-colored the galaxy in GC and in the GC preview radar/map.

Worked on the A.I. a bit. It is not perfect, but it show do a bit now in GC.
Note: I am still working on it.

Fixed the scaling issues with the Lucrehulk Prime death clone animation.

Added planet Ord Mantell.

Added a new Trade Route: Burke's Trailing (Ord Mantell to Jakku.)

Land mines dropped by infantry now deal more damage.

Minor texture edits to spy/corrupt/steal slots in GC.

Fixed the issues with garrison slots not showing up in GC on the planet Endor.

Yoda will now spawn in at Tech Level 3 and be removed at Tech Level 4 in specific GC's.

Lucrehulk Prime will now spawn in the Rim World Conflict GC at Tech Level 5.

The Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance will now begin the "Heart of the Maw" campaign at Tech Level 4;
under default conditions.

Increased the starting credits for all GC's.

Added more info to the Conditions box for all GC's.

Reduced the max starbase level for Geonosis by 1.

Both the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance will start the Galactic Conflict GC with more pre-built structures to better fight early game rushes.

Added the DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid for the Galactic Empire. Can be built on Hypori.

AT-ST can now use its Barrage ability again.

Arquitens-class now garrisons a single TIE Fighter flight.

Increased the max starbase level for Saleucami by 1.

Improved the Ion Cannon on the Victory II-class Star Destroyer.

The color of some text has changed.

Menu box color theme has changed.

Planets had had their Population increase cap changed. Planets that cannot have a land garrison will only offer +3 to max pop cap.
Planets that can have a land garrison will off +8 to max pop cap. For refernce, most planets previously offered +5.

Slightly increased Lucrehulk Primes Autoresolve health point count. Is still bad, just not as bad.

Resized some icon's in GC.

Redone the Moraband space and land maps to better reflect how they appear in Canon.

The issue where building a base Shield Generator and it taking up an optional structure slot has been fixed on the planet Moraband.
It should now be built in the middle of the main base location.

Some users that have the Steam version of the mod may noticed that some of these changes have already made it into the Steam version. I am essentially bringing the Mod DB version up-to-date.

If anyone has any questions, needs any help, or wishes to give any feedback, please feel free to. I appreciate any feedback. I do hope you enjoy my mod. And thank you for giving it a chance. :^D

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