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Touch base as this is quick update as we work in the background.

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Hello all

These past weeks we have been plugin away intergrating tech, finding solutions, and in general doing game development.

What we accomplished these past fews weeks has been interesting as we took a step back on our character creation system and instead of making our own we have decided to use UMA from Unity as a solution to save us time in the mean while.

Currently our test servers are down at the moment, but thats for more technical reasons. This means no betas or anything won't be happening right now. But there could be some playtests in the near future to help us test some limits of what our new tech and hardware can handle.

I have added 2 new images to the the IndieDB, they are currently of our Login screen, while bland currently it is functional. We lack dedicated artists to Alfheim MMO so the art will suffer while we make everything playable and functional first off. Thats mainly why the login screen is bland for now.

Things are gonna be going a little slower these next weeks due to some team members are moving their personal lives around as well as myself included. So we will have another update in 2 weeks time, hopefully in the mean time I hope I get approval to show off (thru screen shots) the new UMA integration that allows us to have highly customizable player models in game with little effort.

Anyways thats all for now, thanks for checking us out and remember to check back as we will make a effort to maintain a bi-weekly news release to keep everyone in the loop of things.

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