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I guess that you may have lots of quetions about the game, so I'm going to tell you a little more about the project.

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First of all, let me intrduce myself, my name is Martín García, I'm 22 years old and at the moment I'm studying History. I have been working and developing some Unity games for myself and for learning and finally I have decided to start a serious project.

Now about the game.
Thal is going to be the most realistic simulator about our life on prehistoric times, I'm thinking that the best type of camera is an first person camera, but I'm still thinking about it and considering different options, but, at the moment I´m using the typical First Person Controller, for test the mechanics of the game.

At the moment I have finished modelling some animals( you can see on the images label) the first and probably the demo map, and the finished map game.
I'm working now to make as soon as posible an playable demo. This demo will be a simple show of what can you do on Thal, how would you survive the wildlife and how will you life alone on this dangerous valley.

The final version of the game will include a huge map to explore, all the mechanics of the game and probably, all the animals and wildlife of the environment.

I'm thinking that it will be great to create different maps with different biomes, that means that there will be an estepary map, another map with an template forest etc.
So you will be able to select a map and play on it, with its differents animals, different clothes, differents materials to make your tools and weapons etc.

I hope you will like the game. I also will update an weekly post and I look forward to show you more mechanics and more models.

Have a nice week.


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