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With a new system I'm better able to test 32bit mode in Eduke32 using Polymost, the advanced render made by Ken Silverman. Polymer doesn't convert voxels to models, unlike polymost.

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I'm not certain if polymer will ever support voxel to model conversion, so don't expect point lights ever... However I found that its possible to translate everything to Polymost render from the classic, on a modern Win7 system it hauls butt. Funny enough it handles better on a 3ghz dual AMD in Polymost than in classic.

This is a drastic difference on an older dual core intel, which performed better in classic, and on a netbook which can't support Polymost or Polymer.

I'd like to test this out on android ports of Eduke32 in the future, or even check out Dingoo or GP2X.

I don't won't to put down the kind of cash for a Pandora unit to test, but I could always find playtesters. I think a game like this would port well to a handheld with its retro look.

As you can see there are some flaws, miss alignments and floor aligned sprites dont convert to voxels. There are ruin slabs that are voxel models, but two are not set as normal so they show up as flat blue sprites.

Bowman don't get scaled correctly, the defined scaling in the DEF code for loading voxels is ignored by polymost which converts them into actual 3d models. CON scripting can fix this problem.

One benefit of 32bit mode is I can do more with the fogging effect. Palette shifting seems to translate well with the newer version of Eduke32.

Other benefits of the 32bit render is that some classic render clipping issues no longer occur. Some objects will clip or draw through walls and other objects at times. Shading isn't always perfect either, nor is shadows.

However Rooms over Rooms is a little more sensitive as you can also see in the video, the clipping range is not good and you need to be close to the water sector. Classic render seems to succeed over this, but I still need to test areas that have larger transparent water like an exterior area somewhere else in this level.

Aside from that, not too much needs to be done to make sure the game is playable equally through both rendering methods. Only polymer is unsupported, but that's really more intuned for something with high res graphics and other fancy effects.

I would like to work with Eduke's polymer in the future, as it gets more refined. I've had in mind a sci-fi game for awhile now and the build engines scripting system and ease of level editing would make it possible. However I'm very much interested in completing this TC project.

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