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Isn't the title explanation enough? FFFFFFIIIIIIILLLLLLLEEEEEERRRRRR.

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For anyone who wants em, I've got some positions open. All of them require at least the TES Construction Set and a copy of Oblivion. Also, Windows Live Messanger are a help because of chat and file sharing. The positions will be for a mod I'm working on that I haven't posted yet. Here they are.

Scripter- I need someone who knows their way around the Oblivion script editor and should know how to use OBSE functions.

Interior Builder- Kind of embarrassing actually. I am horrible at building interiors with the TESCS so I need someone to do it for me. XD

Modeler- Right now, this position is optional, but modelers are always good to have. At the moment you won't have much to do.

AI Person- The NPC creation and AI editor just don't like me. I need someone who can make natural looking NPCs and give them AI schedules that work.

Now, I'll just let you know what I have done. I created a worldspace and heightmap from scratch, added vegetation with the region editor, and made a small little camp.

To apply, well, go to the members list and apply.

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