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A minor update for Portuguese Civ Mod III 4.0 has been released, fixing gameplay and balance issues.

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After nearly one year without updates, I'm glad to announce the release of the second patch for Portuguese Civ Mod III 4.0!

This patch is meant to fix the gameplay bugs that have been reported since the last release. Most notably, the Galician Team Bonus has been changed in order to reflect the fact that, even though it enabled the tribute UI right at Dark Age, it remained non-functional until a Market has been built. Now, the tribute UI will be no longer shown when playing as or teaming up with Galicians until a Market is built. Thanks to Marathon for reporting!

Besides of that, both the Chinese Wonder Power and the Gothic Population Bonus should escalate with higher population limit settings. Thanks to Varun for the suggestion!

A small balance change has also been done to the Rare Resources feature: now it's only possible to queue one instance of each Trader type per time, in order to ensure that the cost and time training escalation is properly applied, and to prevent mass-queueing in a few cases.

Last, but not least, Byzantine Monks should now use Western Monk graphics, as expected, and Tupi Monks now have proper new voices. Thanks to Thermoh for providing them!

As usual, the patch can be obtained in the Downloads section!

Portuguese Civ Mod III - v 4.0b

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