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No the DLLs aren't compiled yet, but already at 0 compiler error( but new errors will be present), hopefully by end of weekend there will be 2013 Release. in Other news, 3 New Characters in Prograss, M306 Grenade Launcher Pipes work M79 Killing Floor Style but with reload. Custom Characters with Flex Animations also in progress.( like in l4d and tf2 where characters can talk and move eyes.

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Also in new testing phases will be sentry gun, blown off parts of zombies/npcs.
2 More Teams - Corps, and Aliens

Tank Cannon should work soon.
and Hexed Sedans

Wish Can do in short time list:
Laser Traps
Trap C4
Remote Explosives.
More Game objectives with HUD
Semi-Progress Saving-Leveling.
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