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I know this is pretty random, please look below for more information.

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Alright, so it is very random that I uploaded Portal Tiny Chell: Hide and Seek. I've had this idea for awhile. I made this hide and seek map for fun awhile back. Ever since then I've been improving it little bits at a time. When Portal Tiny Chell came along and I thought of Hide and Seek, I had an idea to combine the 2 together. That is what I did. I doubled the size of the hide and seek map and put the map in the mod.

There was another version of Hide and Seek I created. It was with NPCs, they would chase you around like normal. Some areas were removed and/or restricted since NPCs couldn't navigate in/to the area. Sadly I accidentally broke the map. I had the NPC map, I forgot to click "save as" which means I only have a large version of the map, I don't have the normal sized version anymore. It will be simple to recreate since I have a much earlier version of the map.

Please let me know what you guys think. The mod can be played locally and publicly.

The mod can be downloaded here:

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