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The lead developer takes a look at some more new features in the alpha devtest. Not all features are made by me.

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Hello! Welcome back to the PE developer update! In this series, we take a look at all the new features added to PE! Remember, these are all posted BEFORE the features are released to the public.

New Intro

I have made a new intro!! It has the Valve intro and another Portal intro COMBINED!

I did, however, choose to use the head turn... if you don't want the new one, I can change it!


Greenyred, the developer of the up-coming Portal mod Portal: Last Hope, has ported PE to the 2013 version of Source, rather than the 2007 version which it runs now. He says it will work in the sourcemods folder and it will have new and very nice shaders.

Thanks for reading! This wasn't as filled as the previous article, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Can't wait for PE 2013 update!

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