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Hsuzumiya6 here, over the weekend, the Portal 2: Project Plasma Development Group(not the offitcial name) created a non steam mod for Portal 2: Project Plasma (again, not the official name) so we can better focus on making the bulk of the mod, mapping...

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Hsuzumiya6 here, recently over the weekend, i went on the internet and found tutorials on how to make a Portal 2 mod so i tried and succeeded (a few tries) to make a Portal 2 skeleton mod (bare bones Portal 2 scripts and such. ) so now, we have a launching platform (or is it an aerial faith plate) for our mod to do as we see fit, i apologize for the lack of updates and such, one of the members is working on Escapent another Portal 2 mod (link in addendum) and to top it off, the map maker is not online when i am, so this mod has at least got a platform for us to push forth and develop and can now to cleanly implemented with little or n detriment to my Portal 2 files...

On that note though, the beta is yet to be discussed and we still need eager developers to make this mod a roaring success. So much to code, texture, voice act, model, film, and who could forget the soundtrack that gives mods an immersive upon the player.

Well enough recruiting, and we also need play testers.

That reminds me, back to testing.

Hsuzumiya6 we are done here.


Escapent: please click here

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