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After hours of work, TDT-Alpha maintained to finish working on the "Credits Song" \ "End Song" (however you call it...) and started working on a new weapon and a (short) teaser! More details in!

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TDT-Alpha, is one piece of a volunteer! After spending about 14 hours on the "Auto P 3.5",
which is now finished and will be posted soon, also worked about 6 hours on the ending song
of the game.

The ending song (or "Credits Song") is built this time from 4 parts, that will be perfect for the game.
It will sound as heaven after finishing the game and will give you the trust to god that you're still breathing.
Also, the songs (I meant - PARTS) are very hypnotizing, at least for me (TDT-Alpha) and I hope you'll love them!

After finishing these, I mean the song and the "Auto P 3.5", I feel free to go on and make the first teaser,
which is already "under construction", and don't worry, it WILL BE!

So, what do we have now?
Let's list what the team of Porphyry Copper (I must have written the name at least once..)
finished until now:

  1. Auto P 3.5 - Weapon
  2. End Song (s)
  3. Game Start videos
  4. Background Story for the Story Line (which means 10% of Story Line is over)
  5. Getting some (2) Alpha Testers (not TDT-Alpha or J Luria)
  6. Making 2 Background Tracks for the game itself
  7. Making some Environmental Props (the trash and the garbage piles... XD)
  8. Making some sound effects
  9. 50% done Website for the game (not as dynamic as TheDragonTeam's blog, but it's fine)
  10. Making the Audio (only) for 2011 Teaser (which isn't the same as the second one...)
  11. Making a logo for the game...

Hope you'll enjoy the game and keep following us!
TDT-Alpha and the Porphyry Copper team.

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