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The game is still under development - the beginning of it, but the first stages are almost done! Read more in the article and help us get on on it!

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Porphyry Copper, the Indie game of TDT-Alpha, was under the planning stages that
are almost over.
You may not find so many Concept Art pieces, published parts of the story line, dev. videos...
But you would find TDT-Alpha sitting in front of his notebook and PC full days working on:

  • Concept Art
  • (Current Stage) Main Menu
  • Writing the Story-Line (which is in the tweaking part)
  • Learning the UDK
  • Learning the Modeling related to the UDK
  • Modeling STATIC MESHES
  • Working on Intro, Teaser, Startup (Game Start) Videos and more!

Currently out:

More updates at the PrCo forum
Click Me For Updates

Help Us!
As an Indie game, help is needed and carried with love.
TDT-Alpha is currently a One - Man - Army, but he must have some
There are some ways to do so:

  1. Vote on the Polls in the Forum
  2. Suggest Corrections and Tweaks for the Story Lines
  3. Draw some Concept Art
  4. (For UDK Dev's, Modellers and Mappers) Join the Team!
  5. (For UDK Dev's) Help Us with Unreal

Thanks for reading!!!

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