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A Porg would like to explain everything about Star Wars: A New Frontier in this porgly article.

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Before I start my article I would just like to say there is a lot of Porg slaughter in this mod. My kind are being massacred by the millions in the Hunt game mode on many maps like Mos Eisley Tusken Raiders and Jawas, on Kashyyyk Trandoshans and Wookies, and on the Death Star First Order Executioners and Praetorian Guards. The list goes on and on for each map! Now in all seriousness, I'd like to introduce my creator starting off Calrissian97. Calrissian97 is the mod leader, a softimage user, and the resistance side maker (also the boi who converted my kind the Porg) Next up is LameFam a.k.a LitFam. I call LitFam LameFam because he tortures and kills my kind on the Star Wars: A New Frontier discord. Now, this Porg killer doesn't really deserve any talk here, but I guess I have to since he is a developer... LitFam is the co-leader and first order side maker. Javitolo98 is a softimage user. _Fan is a softimage user and is a texture artist. Star Wars: A New Frontier is a mod for Star Wars Battlefront II. This mod will include characters, weapons, vehicles, and more from The Force Awakens to The Last Jedi and possibly more!

Current Status

Now I know this mod has been awaiting a release for some time, but we still have many obstacles to crack down on like bugs, importing sounds, damage patches, porting models, editing models, etc. We are aiming to get a public release sometime this summer, but this may be delayed due to reasons listed above and may be pushed back. We would like to thank everyone who has waited patiently for this mod to release and it means a lot to us that you guys are willing to stick with us as this mod progresses even though there hasn't been a release yet. We believe in quality over quantity. We only want to provide the best for the Star Wars Battlefront II community.

First Order Unit List

First Order Pilot

First Order Special Forces Pilot

First Order Naval Officer

First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper +Desert +Jungle Skins

First Order Executioner Trooper

First Order Stormtrooper +Desert +Jungle Skins

First Order Snow Trooper

First Order Elite Stormtrooper

Megablaster Heavy Assault Trooper +Desert +Jungle Skins

First Order Flame Trooper

First Order Jet Trooper +Desert +Jungle Skins

First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant +Desert +Jungle Skins

First Order Snow Trooper Sergeant

First Order Stormtrooper Officer +Desert +Jungle Skins

First Order Snow Trooper Officer

First Order Stormtrooper Squad Leader +Desert +Jungle Skins

First Order Snow Trooper Squad Leader

Praetorian Guard

First Order Vehicle List

First Order Speeder Bike

Light Infantry Utility Vehicle

All Terrain Scout Transport

All Terrain MegaCaliber Six

First Order Tie Fighter

First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter (Bomber)

First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter (Interceptor)

First Order Troop Transport

Upsilon Command Shuttle

Tie Silencer

First Order Hero List

First Order Stormtrooper Finn (TFA)

FN-2199 "Nines " (TFA)


Captain Phasma (TLJ)

General Armitage Hux (TLJ)

Ben Swolo

Un-Cloaked Kylo Ren (TFA)

Cloaked Kylo Ren (TFA)

Kylo Ren (TLJ)

Supreme Leader Snoke (TLJ)

Resistance Unit List

Resistance Pilot

Resistance Special Forces Pilot

Resistance Naval Officer

Resistance Soldier

Resistance Jungle Soldier

Resistance Snow Soldier

Resistance Vanguard

Resistance Sniper

Resistance Jungle Sniper

Resistance Snow Sniper

Resistance Technician

Resistance Spy (Bothan)

Resistance Jet Trooper (Twi'lek)

Resistance Jungle Officer

Resistance Snow Officer

Resistance Vehicle List

V-4X-D Ski Speeder

T-70 X-Wing fighter

RZ-2 A-Wing Starfighter

MG-100 StarFortress SF-17

Resistance Troop Transport

Black One (T-70 X-Wing)

Millennium Falcon (TFA/TLJ)

Resistance Hero List

Pilot Poe Dameron (TLJ)

Officer Poe Dameron - Black (TLJ)

Officer Poe Dameron - Red (TLJ)

Officer Poe Dameron (TFA)

Han Solo (TFA)

Chewbacca (TFA/TLJ)

Helmetless Finn (TFA)

Recovered Finn (TLJ)

Finn (TFA)

Scavenger Rey (TFA)

Training Rey (TLJ)

Rey (TLJ)

Admiral Ackbar (TFA/TLJ)

Grand Master Luke Skywalker (TLJ)

Star Wars: A New Frontier Discord Server

Discord Link


In this discord server, you'll get to see exclusive updates that are not shown on the mod page, late-night discussions ranging from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM (eastern time zone) in the morning, ranting, spam, and more!


I will wait as long as it takes. I'm sure it will be worth it. Keep up the good work.

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I feel so bad for those poor unfortunate Porgs. :(

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Go Vegan :p

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Sorry I'm bad in english, je suis français :( Que manque t-il pour avoir une première version du mod, même sans les combats dans l'espace?

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You don't understand the question...

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Are new maps like Crait going to be added into Galactic Assault?

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U mean Galactic Conquest or are u talking about Lorul1s BF Project?

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Yea, I meant Galactic Conquest.

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Yup i think hes planning on that

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Going to try to!

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Love the Ben Swolo randomly appearing on Mos Eisley, that made me laugh out loud! The whole mod looks really well made, I look forwards to new maps coming soon.

Thanks so much for the extra content. :)

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even the movies are something else xD
this MOD feels solid & fun.
thank you !

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