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We are really getting big! Thanks for all the support so far, it really keeps us going.

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Hey, Update!

Our backstory is churning forever onwards, and the concepts are filing in! Some may have noticed that we are looking for CGI artists on here - that doesn't stop you from joining here.

Apart from that, we also need 3D modellers, so that's open too. Anyhow, I have checked our site stats, finding out that 472 people have visited this site during last week. That. Is. Amazing. Thanks for all the interest guys, tell us what you think in the comments below! We are going to launch a kickstarter soon, so please show some support, we are very keen on this game becoming a reality.

We also checked Wolfenklinge's popularity - 470 out of 19,321. One word - What? Thanks again, we are getting very excited over here.

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