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Hello ladies and gents, the humble project leader of your favorite little startup that never was, here. This is an update on the current stage of "Pongo!".

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I have a been a team of one for some time now, but I have continued to develop pongo as time has permitted. I remember the words of one of my fellow developer and friend Branko who said to me "Frank it took Katsuhiro Otomo 7 years to complete Akira, all while working full time to make ends meet". This is my Akira, and for the few of you following this humble little startup; I will not disappoint you! I am extremely close to finishing the gameplay mechanics, powerups are working, saving and loading, gui systems are shaping up and there are relatively no serious bugs to speak of. I will be looking for some ambitious people to join me soon in level and enemy design, pretty soon!
Check out the latest screen captures and be on the lookout for more "Pongo!" news!

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