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Hello chum. This post is going to be a bit weird and completely off the top of my head kinda post, but why not? It's been a while since I have posted about POLYGANIC, but why? It's because I have been so damn busy making the damn thing! Game development takes up a lot of time. Maybe it's because I am a perfectionist. I'm not sure. Regardless, I am still making it.

The good news is that I am FINALLY getting ready for release. Kinda weird to say it as I was getting ready for release back in June, but now I actually am! I am hoping for this month. I wanna say October and mean it. I think. I'm not sure. I hope so. It should be available at least somewhere by the end of the month. Looks like I am getting a bit of interest with this one from some third parties, so who knows!

Losing your attention? I am going to bring you right back into things by showing you the trailer I published earlier in the week. Check it out!

Cool right? Took me an entire weekend, but I think it was worth it. Looking back, I would have made the intro a little smaller, but it was my dig at all of the flappy bird clones. I don't think many will get it unfortunately. Still, colourful colours are good and damn; that song. If you wanna know who made it, check out his stuff here:

Actually, real talk. I am really happy so far with all of the feedback I have been getting. Friends, family; even work colleagues have been very supportive and helping out. I recently went to Insomnia52 in Coventry and had my own stand as part of the indie zone. It was so much fun and it was really nice to see complete strangers pick the game up and play. Kinda makes all of the hard work worth it. Photos? I managed to snap a few:

Damn; that event was a lot of fun. If you managed to check out the stand, I appreciate it! I may be showing the game off at a few other events soon (atleast in November), so lets see how that pans out. This includes the next iteration of Insomnia (53). If you haven't gone before, go! It's a bit mental, but its hella fun. Plus, you can play POLYGANIC! Legit, you can though.

Now, about the actual game. I have made so much progress since my last post that I unfortunately cannot list it. Lets think. I made a website (, added loads of features to the game (including multiple modes, a shop, hi scores, achievements, UI updates), but most importantly, lost a lot of sleep. Like I said before, expect a release this month! And if I don't you have permission to boycott the game, and me (please don't).

I am trying to think of more stuff to add. It's currently 3AM and I am very tired. My reddit post is all sorted for the Feedback Friday tomorrow; I will update this post once it's up.

Time to sleep,

Speak soon xox

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