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We have finally added a couple new characters, namely the priest and an ordinary man. Check them out!

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Hello everyone!
Sorry for taking so long in making a new update. These have been busy days for us, and took us a lot of time.

First of all, we want to say thank you to everyone who has either contributed on our Indiegogo campaign, or voted in our Steam Greenlight page. There are as always a lot of supportive people that want to help us in any way they can, and that is always appreciated n_n.

(By the way here is the link of the indiegogo campaign page)

(And the steam greenlight page hoho)

Second, well, some Youtubers and websites around the world have been checking out our prototype, and many of them seem really happy about it n_n. That is great, especially being the prototype, which is not near as complete as we want in the complete overhauled version. We hopefully will have more people we sent information of our game play the prototype version.

Some of you are wondering if we are going to release the prototype for everyone. We, well really don't know. Some people have advised us against it, because people judge a lot from the prototype, but the other half of people have said to us that if the prototype holds water, people will come and wait for a full version.

There are success stories (and failures) from both approaches. So yeah, we are kinda torn apart for that. If we release the prototype though, you will surely know about it n_n.

But OK, enough of the news and PSA's we want to show you some small milestones. First of all, we have finally finished the standard male sprite, and the special character the Priest! They are completely animated for the new version, and should work completely.

Also, some minor minor stuff, speech bubbles are back!! We may make more expressions, but there are already a few ones working.

Here is a video of everything we have in action.

Notice that level, being a test level one, doesn't have ANY strategy whatsoever, its just fooling around. In the real game you cannot waste powers that easily (and well, if you look close enough, the video actually ended in a losing state :P).

Making characters takes a long time, they have about, specially being only two people working on it (well, really only one, I only have to translate it to Unity and that's it). But the good thing about it, is that by having the basic girl and boy, we can now create some sort of "templates". These will make new variations of characters a lot easier, for the other "historic decades" we are thinking about.

Well, not much else is going on. I want to tell you about other things that they have been brewing for us and the game. But for now I have to keep um about it (at least, until everything is sorted out, which may taker time).

But for now this is it, see you later!

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