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How many seconds of World Peace can you protect? Let's nuke!

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If you like Polandball, you may like this game. If you don't like Polandball... well ... it doesn't matter, you still will like this.

Polandball: Not Safe For World (official short form: PB:NSFWorld) is my one man solo project. There are already some Polandball games on the internet, but it lacks a good quality one. It needs a game that fully adopt the original Polandball style while adding life on it. That's why i decide to start this project.

The gameplay is simple. You find the counties with problems, and then beat them until they have no problems. The difficulty will grow based on time, so countries will get more harmful problems and you have to fix it before the global happiness drop to zero or too many people die.

Just download it and try



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PS: Every events in the game are completely random. There is a chance Vaticano yelling "Allahu Akbar" when Turkey yelling "Deus Vult" with a "Make 'Merica Great Again" Cap
PPS: Polandball is about stereotype, get over it

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