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Hello everyone!

Spare me some of your time and let me have your full attention for the next 5 minutes, for I am about to bring you some good news.

Have you ever wanted to play a game and be able to catch all Pokemon, from all generations?
Have you ever wanted to play a game where the Gym leaders and Rivals are truly a challenge to be reckoned with?
Have you ever wanted to use a favorite Pokemon that unfortunately is on the weaker side, or not as used as others because of the Meta?
Have you ever gotten mad catching a very rare Pokemon that took you many hours or days of searching, and it ends up with really bad IVs?
And last but not least, have you ever thought how it would be leveling your pokemon and not worry about their EVs later in the game?

My friends, i've got the answer to those very questions.

There's a new PokeMMO around,

Pokemon Blaze Online (PBO) is an MMO like not many others, come join us in exploring together the region of Jvaloh, and the many things it has to offer to you, pick up your Gen7 starter and let's begin a journey like none other!
Follow the intriguing story of the game, explore the custom maps and fight through challenging gym leaders, and even more challenging rivals, try out your skill and strategies in progressing the game and finding new things out, search for secrets that might even lead to hidden maps witch might result in very rare and great Pokemons for your satisfaction as a reward, speak to NPCs and search for hints and secret quests for you to conquer!

But that's not all, build your Pokemon the way you want using our Stat Points system (SPs) and control the path your Pokemon's growth will follow, challenge other players in exciting PvP matches and test your team out against them, take part in intriguing monthly tournaments hosted by the staff with very exciting rewards!

After all's done and said, let's go into a bit more detail as to why this game is special and what you'll come across while playing it, shall we?

The Game:
Pokemon Blaze Online is a game that's been live for roughly 2 months as of now, and been in development several months before that, it follows the story of the mc(you), you'll meet two rivals and obviously, the evil organisation Team Chaos, fight through to unfold the secrets of the story, beat your rivals, and prevent the Chaos that the bad guys are trying to bring in the world.

The Staff:
Kakarot // Head Administrator
Snehks // Main Developer
DevR // NPC and Content Manager
Jiro // Graphics and Mapping
nushkie_9 // Junior Developer

The game is an MMO so it obviously requires you to grind more than the other games, the Developer(s) are working in unison with the community and listen to their concerns to make it more enjoyable for everyone, the staff are there and take into consideration a great number of their player's suggestions and perspective to create a game that's not easy, yet not too hard for the average player, which comes down to it being straight down enjoyable for most of the people that have joined the community, your feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome, read, and considered, so don't shy out to voice your opinion.

The Plan:
The plan for the game is to have two region, and according to the players, there might be more, so far the game is in the first region up to the 5th Gym, and with the 6th being right around the corner along with fascinating new additions such as secrets and new Pokemon to hunt.

The Stats System:
In this game the concept of IVs and EVs doesn't exist, as mentioned above, the game runs Stat Points system, all Pokemon that you'll encounter and capture, will have maxed out IVs(31), however the EVs have been replaced by the Stats you earn on every level up, 1 Level = 3 SPs to add in your stats for a total of 300 points at level 100, each stat can go as high as 180 points, once you reach the number 180 you can't add anymore on that particular stat, you can fully customize your pokemon with your ideal stats to suit your tastes and battle style, but you should be careful not to let your defences low and make your Pokemon vulnerable.

The Battle System:
The battle system in PBO is very fast, making grinding easier and faster, so your first encounter with it will either be very much satisfying, or rather weird till you get used to it, it can also be tricky though, be careful not to kill a super rare Pokemon or a shiny!

The Crews:
Create your own crew and invite your friends to play together and in the future compete with other crews in amazing wars!

The Tournaments:
Take part in the monthly tournaments held by staff wich every time have a different theme, use your creativity to make the perfect team and come on top winning amazing rewards such as a Pokemon of your choice and an very hard to find item!



*The game is unique in regards to the fact that Pokemon's base stats are divided by 2.

**Some Pokemon are rarer than others, and some may not be fully obtainable at the time of this post (Version 1.5.0) but all of them are implemented and ready to be put into the game when new maps and content is released.

Important Notes:

This game has been developed using Java and JRE 8 is needed to run the game.

If you are a talented artist, or mapper, you may be able to demonstrate your skills and help further the project, if you feel you may have what it takes, contact Snehks, Jiro, and DevR via Discord. (You'll be able to do so upon joining the discord linked above, DO NOT inquire about a moderator position, as this will be ignored.)


Link to the forums:

Link to the Discord:

Link to the Main Website:

Link to download the current client (1.5.0):

Thank you for your time,
Looking forward to meet you in game PokeFans!

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