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We've released a new podcast regarding the engine toolkit development as well as our decision to change by releasing the engine first beforehand then the engine and games after. We are currently working on two games which will be released for the iPhone and another strictly for the PC. Both of these will be discussed in a later podcast. This podcast was also recorded while a majority of our team was together at QuakeCon.

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Moogen Studios Podcast #2. QuakeCon. Renato, Shawn, Jonathan were all present at QuakeCon, most team members were not able to make it.

Our first podcast is on there as well which was never posted on moddb. Feel free to check that out as well. We've been making hard decisions about releasing our toolkit before releasing anything else, which is our current plan. Releasing the toolkit will allow our community to develop more beforehand and get prepared for any upcoming releases. We are currently working on two different titles, one of which is on the iPhone and another strictly on PC. Both games will involve similar aspects however they are to be designed with the platform in mind.

We will discuss both titles in a later podcast in definite detail.

Visit our site at and join our community as well as keeping up with our blog. Progress is quick and we plan on releasing very quickly on anything we develop. We also take in community input to help us with our plans.

Thanks Everyone!

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