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Although not all positive comments, it was good to know that people are checking out the mod.

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Podcast 17 mentioned Beyond Reality! While some of it was negatives, they brought up many good points and issues that Requiem Games and I would like to address.

Firstly was the demo. While the demo was a big thing, we were really releasing the demo to give people a glimpse of the guns and area that would be in Beyond Reality. However, we should have included more to show off our atmosphere. As a response to that, we will be releasing a more atmosphere focused demo within the month.

Second is the fact that all the weapons are not original, I would like to say now, that no, the guns were not developed for our specific mod. However, we have asked the permission of all authors and done some tweaking of our own. Fact is that the exact guns in our mod are not the exact gun skins/models/sounds that are in the original files.

We would like to thank Podcast 17 for covering us in their podcast, and all media cover, good or bad, is greatly welcomed. Again thanks for the comments on our page and continue following us. Soon we will be uploading more screenshots and the atmospheric demo.

- Pyure,
Requiem Games

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