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Small report 'bout game development process. Goes slow, but I think that work should be done well even if it takes lots of time. Anyway, we're not in a hurry. Read content to learn more about PD game.

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At this moment the following is done:

  • All of 19 main levels are playable. Extra training level may not be included in first release (we'll see).
  • Ten different weapons, fully-functional.
  • More than 20 kinds of enemies (small-medium-giant bugs, combat drones, zombies and mad "insect rights protection" mercenaries).
  • Buying zones between levels, to refill ammo for score.
  • One ATV with machineguns and automatic cannon for Pluto surface riding.

This is what is still NOT done, but must be:

  • Debugging. Game has lots nasty of bugs within :)
  • Final boss. It does not exist yet. Thinking of how it shoud look, have no clear idea.
  • Well-look graphics. Drawing good sprites goes very slow, lots have to be redrawn.
  • English translation. Will be done as soon as I comlete storyline and in-game dialogs in Russian.
  • Sound surround. Will be included after finishing all previously enumerated things.

Latest videos you can watch here.

All news are published at my homepage (Russian language only)
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