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You may not want to read this if you don't want the mod's biggest twist to be revealed.

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The true plot of the mod is not comedy, the true plot of the mod is to explore an alternative history scenario where Adrian Shepard never stops the Gene Worm but is not found. Earth is now in the middle of a war between the Xenian Lifeforms and Race X (The Decimo Collective). And humans are caught in this crosshair fighting amongst themselves on the question on who to side with if anyone.

The Vortiguants were promised their freedom by the Nihiliath if they enslave the humans.

The Decimo Collective’s despot has promised that Earth will just become another host planet in their nomadic journey through the cosmos. Despite their advancements in technology, their technology doesn’t really play too nice with the environment.

As a human you are caught in the middle of this conflict like many, choose your side carefully, there may be unforeseen consequences...

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This is an old concept, please pay it no attention.

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