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The latest(As of 8/20/15) version of The Bush Mod. Changelog down below and on the download page.

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Experimental V0.0.2c Playtest changes:
Changed US inf veterancy from 8/16/32 to 15/30/60(To put things into perspective, a Panther is worth 15 experience, hence why an AT gun would get instant vet 2 if it knocks on out) and tank veterancy to 16/32/64
Brits receive an HMG team
ALL reward units are available to use besides vanilla units
BARs will also be given to Rangers
Luftwaffe has a Henschel ability to attack ALL ground units for 350 muni, in addition to the standard for 200 muni
ALL Off-map artillery is 60-70(Depends on ability) seconds per activation
ALL off-map reinforcements are 80-95(Depends on ability) seconds per activation
Probably a few more I forgot about

In other news, the next version of The Bush Mod that I release will probably be an official beta with ALL the initial changes I'd like to do(So far it's just most of them I've done) and will probably be released either this weekend or the next week, depending on my schedule. This also means that it'll be the first official and ACTUAL version! Thank you for your interest in the mod, and if you like it, please leave feedback! Oh, and be sure to join the official Steam group!

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