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The latest(As of 8/18/2015) version of The Bush Mod, released for public use. Changelog below.

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As always, here is the changelog:

Experimental V0.0.2 Playtest changes:
US Armor Company has the M36 Jackson, replacing the M10
ToV reward units are available to use for all players
Fallschirmjaeger paradrop ability added in addition to infiltration ability(drops 2 squads)
British gets special infantry replacing the default Sections depending on what doctrine they go(Arty gives Canadians, Royal Engineers gives Pipers)
British gets 95mm Cromwell for going Royal Engineers
British gets a 95mm Churchill call-in
Sherman Jumbo replaces the standard M4 Sherman for Infantry
Rangers without bazookas are added to the Barracks for Infantry
ALL weapon ranges have been changed, they're up to par now
Some more I probably forgot about

Experimental V0.0.1 Playtest changes:
Increased ranges on infantry, vehicles and weapon crews(Except mortar, MG, and howitzer)
Tank ranges reflect real-life counterparts(Not TOTALLY realistic, but.. just a bit more)
Calliopes can fire their main guns like from V1.0 of original CoH
Pershings and Tigers can be called in twice for 2 at a time
US Airborne drop from planes
Fallschirmjagers can reinforce via paradrop(Next version there will be Brit Commando and FJ paradrop ability)
ALL factions can build trenches and tank traps(Panzer Grenadiers also get wire and sandbags by default)
All popcap is changed to reflect unit size(M4 Shermans are 5 pop, Flaks are 3, Snipers are 1)
Panzer Elite has their scrapped Panzer IV Ausf. F
US Infantry doc gets a Sherman Jumbo
Stormtroopers come with every call-in for Blitz
Grenadiers and Volks are switched, Volks are the actual well-trained Volksgrenadiers instead of volunteers/militia
Tank and vehicle MGs work mostly like actual MGs
Squad sizes are increased
New gamemodes (Dev Testing or Quickstart recommended)
Weapon properties changed
General gameplay similar to vCoH but basically on a larger scale
Maybe more?

P.S.: If you have any suggestions, complaints or just want to talk, you can contact me on Steam!

P.S.S.: Be sure to join the official Steam group!

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