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Afer testing the game with the mod from begining to end a few things stick out in my to-do list. Balance between classes, some items, some weapons and some core scripts have to be changed\added\fixed... More below.

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Hello, and welcome to this weeks D3:Evolution newsletter :).

Now, to business. As I said above, some things stick out after my playtest. Some of the 40-ish bugs are very easy to fix, but others need a bit of thought. Fortunately most of the bugs are a result of typos, simple programming mistakes and some things I basically forgot about. The more serious ones were allways related to the balance. And yes this is good because I expected it :P. The lack of game-breaking-console-error bugs means that I'm on my way to finishing the mod. Without any promises, I'd say I'll be ready in about two weeks time.

Following is a description of my experience with the game.

The playtest I performed was with the Heavy Weapons Support Class character equiped with the Jumping Augment, the Armor Repair Implant and the Pistol Ammo Generator Tool. I played Doom3 from begining to end on the Nightmare difficulty.

Playing with the HWS is really easy, as the chaingun(long range)/pistol(medium/short range) takes care of all threats in a few seconds, even in relatively big battles. To be honest playing with the HWS Class and chaingun gave me a feeling of playing good old Doom2, which was the idea from the begining. Obvious flaws- the AR Implant was usefull but not enough, so the security armor will give a bit less armor. The Jumping Augment worked perfectly. A few pointers about using it- jump *over* enemy projectiles, to avoid them and the splash damage. Also on some maps you can avoid rather large battles by finding new paths. A drawback was that you reach the augment maximum level rather early, but that's easily fixeable. The Pistol Ammo Tool was most usefull. There are large parts of the game where you get minimum pistol ammo and the pistol is one of the most usefull weapons in the game with the HWS Class. One disadvantage of the tool was that in later parts you have much less junk lying around, and subsequently not enough ammo to power your tools. Again- easily fixeable.

That's it - thanks for reading, expect more in another week. Slav.

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