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Pushing for playable demo this summer. Will release demo, if/when basic game-play (the core logic) is working as intended in the game.

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It's alive (mostly)!

Hello! It's been a long time since last update here. I been working a lot both on my regular job and home after work (on the game of course).

I set myself a goal to release a playable demo/alpha of Cyber City Alpha THIS SUMMER (2018).

Most of the game code is done and I need to make art/3d/ui/sounds assets for all of my stuff.

But I reached the point, where the project is starting to actually be a game.

Here are some notes:

  • Player Character(95% done) - moving, shooting, interacting, picking stuff up, etc.
  • AI (70% mostly done) - they still have glitches (getting stuck in place or loosing sight and tracking of player, light animation glitches
  • GUI (25% done bare bones) - very basic GUI for testing and the sort. No real assets yet.
  • Music tracks - I made quite a bit of music for the game, but not picked any final ones yet.
  • Story (50% done) - still have to connect the beginning with the intended endings

Stuff that is in the game but not wired to anything yet:

  • Conversation system
  • Skills & Skills points

Some considerations:

  • Free time is a bi.... I mean... not enough.
  • Lone Wolf project. One man DEV team and it's going slow.
  • I have to accept some loss in code or asset quality, like animation quality, texture quality, audio quality etc. Because I use what I can make myself or using free/public-domain resources like free motion capture data.

Final thoughts:

I am super happy the game is starting to come together. I will continue to work on it and will try to post more frequent updates (but I will mostly likely spend time working on it instead :P). Hope I can make the summer demo working so all of you and my friends can try it and share some feedback.

See you around!

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