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Summary of the 4 playable races available in Lithic.

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We have now revealed all of the playable races in Lithic. There's a brief description of each race below but click the title of each race to see further info on the blog post for each one.

The Hu-Aan
The Hu-Aan race are physically closest to modern humans although with a smaller stature and ape like features. They are a very social race and because of this they are able to pass on ideas and skills to each other quickly. They work well as a team in combat situations, working together to bring down large prey. An ideal race for a beginning player in Lithic.

The Lit-Aan
The Lit-Aan are a race of Fey-esque humanoids with long powerful limbs and large eyes making them ideal hunters. Lit-Aan tribes are small and always lead by a female Alpha. Lit-Aan are long lived but have a reluctance to pass knowledge between each other making a death within the tribe devastating. They work very much as individuals in activities like hunting and are very competitive with others of their kind. A more challenging gameplay for the player.

The Hob-Aan
The Hob-Aan are around 4-5 feet in height and incredibly hairy. There is very little distinctions between the male and females. The Hob-Aan live in incredibly large tribes and have a high birth rate and short life span. Knowledge is passed on quickly throughout the tribe that is ruled by a male Alpha. They attack en masse despite the number of casualties that would occur. An ideal race for players who want a more combat based game.

The Ur-Aan
The Ur-Aan are a race of gentle giants, standing around 8 foot tall and covered in fur. Easily the strongest race in Lithic and are incredibly long lived. A tribe of Ur-Aan consists of several families lead by an Alpha. Knowledge is passed on slowly via one on one sessions between and Elder and Youngster. An ideal race for the player who wants to play at a slower pace and is more interested in the environmental factors of gameplay.

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